Friday, 28 July 2017


I have been through so many bronzer's over the years, from budget to luxury, but still find they can give a little of that fake orangey glow! 

Taking the unconventional approach, I found that using eyeshadow as an alternative to bronzing powder can actually give more of a natural holiday glow, they can even transform my fair skin to look like I’ve just stepped of a plane from Barbados!!


 My absolute favourite is L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad in Nude Lingerie, the combination of the four shades give's an amazing colour and you'll find a little goes a long way to achieve the glow you want, so won't look cakey!!

Price: £7.99
Where to purchase: Just about anywhere that sells make-up!

My second favourite is the Make-up Obsession collection at Boots, shades; Wanderlust, Taupe and Celeste.
Wanderlust for me makes a great sun kissed blush to finish!

Price: £2.00
Where to purchase: Boots


Monday, 13 March 2017


The N07 range provides reasonably priced make-up, these are some of my favourite N07 products at the moment, that give much more than a averagely priced look!!!

N07 Dramatic Lift mascara - claims for the ultimate wide awake look....

I think the pictures speak for themselves with this mascara.  I was really impressed with how fresh this made my lashes look. My lashes appeared beautifully smooth, well-conditioned, and gave them an elongated appearance.
Using this product on both the top and bottom lashes really did give me fresh, wide awake look!

- £13.50 @ Boots

No7 Stay perfect liquid eye liner - claims intense colour stays smudge free and lasts for 24 hours.....

What I really loved about this liner is that the pen tip was quite long, so it was easier to achieve a perfect line.  The liner also had a beautiful intense colour and remained vibrant from the morning all the way through to the end of a late night out.

- £8.50 @ Boots

No7 Matte lip crayon in Raspberry wine

This matte lip colour in Raspberry wine is such a beautiful shade.  It perfectly complements my skin tone and gives me fresh and vibrant “statement” lips.
The colour stayed on for a couple of hours without having to re-apply and unlike some matte lipsticks, it didn’t seem to dry my lips too much.
- £9.00 @ Boots


Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Although mineral make-up has been around for some time now, it’s never been a product that I have been keen to try.  I never have been totally convinced by all the infomercials on the tv about its coverage and staying power, and I always worried it would leave a powdery finish.

So when I received the Bare Minerals Original Foundation as a Christmas gift last year, I was sceptical to say the least.  But if I was to sum this product up in one word, it would have to be “wow”; and “wow” if a product was ever to prove me wrong about using mineral foundation, then this was the one!

Bare Minerals Original Foundation looks like a powder, but once applied to your skin it transforms into a creamy texture.  What I really loved most about this product was that allowed my skin to retain a natural look, and it gave the appearance of naturally perfect skin!  After the Christmas period, with all the associated overindulgence, my skin was not in great condition.  I had developed a few blemishes and my skin tone was uneven to say the least. When I first used this foundation it covered all those imperfections perfectly!
It was so quick and easy to apply – using only a little product goes a long way, and because you will find you don’t need to use too much, it further contributes to the natural look.

Combined with the Bare Minerals Beautiful Finish Brush, the two work together perfectly to give a smooth, airbrushed finish.

Bare Minerals claims that this foundation is proven to improve the appearance of your skin over time and that it’s make-up so pure you can sleep in it!  I don’t know yet how true this is, but I love wearing a foundation that makes my skin look so amazing, and should I have one of those late nights where all I want to do is go straight to bed with my make-up on, I won’t feel so guilty!!

Used in shade Medium
My skin is Fair, but this shade was still relatively light with a slight glow.


Wednesday, 4 January 2017


My general make-up look hasn't much involved highlighting, so I thought I would give one of Topshop’s Glow sticks a try to see what all the fuss is about, and if they can really bring out the best of my make-up look.....

Product description says ''Light reflecting cream highlighter to sculpt, define and enhance the skin.
The twist up stick allows you to easily apply and blend the product onto the skin for an effortless glow''

Colour used: Play Up

Used on my skin which is: Fair, a little dry and clear with some uneven skin tone.

So first impressions when applying on my hand it appeared as shimmery subtle beige, which seemed very pretty and looked as if would blend well with my fair skin tone.


First of all trying this cream highlighter over my foundation did not really work for me at all! I applied after my foundation and blended from the temples downwards using a blending brush.
I found that it just highlighted bad areas that I did not even see without make-up on, such as pores in particular appeared more visible.
I then tried using the same method but underneath my foundation, which did seem to work, my skin appeared more luminous and had a lovely glow! Although if you are like me and have fair skin and use bronzing powder, which as I did after, it all seems to just cover up the highlight and then becomes lost as if it was never even used.
With this particular glow stick its either use it and lose the bronzing powder, which unless I am prepared to change my look to just enhance my natural fair skin and ditch the bronzer, then it’s just not going to work for me!

Highlight point...........

Best use I found for this product is to use as a creamy eyeshadow.
I applied on the eyelids, underneath lower lashes and brows, using my finger.
It gave a real subtle shimmery catwalk look that looked young, fresh and also took very little time to apply.
 Also quite versatile as a day or night look, or whether it is winter or summer....


Fantastic for eye make-up!
Fad for me, as a highlighter in the skin department!



Does it give that fresh Winter look???

So having fair skin I was dubious about wearing a blush with such a strong pigmentation of colour, and being the bright pink it looks, I questioned; is it going to make me look like a clown? Will it make me look like I’m going to an 80’s fancy dress party? Or will it give me a wintery fresh faced glow?
Hence the name ‘’Hyperfresh’’

I wondered…….


The initial colour that you see in the picture looks very bright, but when applying doesn’t come out as flamboyant as it seeming looks. I think when used correctly it gives a gorgeous fresh pink glow, which complimented my skin with and without wearing my favourite facial tan.
 I found just like all make-up, the key is in the application…..
I used with a fluffy blusher brush , which  seemed to work well, as it comes out as a light application and you can choose how much you want to build it.


·        Start with just one or two dabs of the blusher and work from there.
·        Apply with gentle strokes from the temples downwards (not directly on cheeks) using a fluffy blusher brush, I used; Real Techniques.
·        For more of dewy affect, after applying add a tiny bit of moisturiser to a make-up sponge & dab over, I used; Real Techniques Miracle diamond sponge, as the large flat part of the sponge worked well.



Clinique Tenderheart- Long last glosswear

An alternative to  Christmas red.......

This month I was on the lookout for touch of lip colour for the party season. I’m not a massive fan of the classic red at Christmas; I prefer to keep my make up closer to natural looking as possible, with fresh youthful colours.
Clinique Tenderheart was exactly what I was looking for, I found it really complimented my fair skin, and looked even better when wearing a spot of facial tan!
I found my lips looked slightly plumper, hydrated, with a beautiful fresh glossy colour.

Clinique say it’s a ''Long last glosswear'' which I would say; it lasts as long as what you would expect a premium brand gloss to last, but like most glosses it does require touch up's thought the day/night.



How to achieve envious statement eyes, with this monochrome look.......

I used.....

  • Mascara : Channel; Le Volume de Chanel (black: Noir) = As the Mascara state's ''Volume'' and that for me is what is delivers, lashes appear voluminous, thicker with deep a intense colour, best mascara I have found yet that creates real statement lashes.
  • Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura = A firm favorite in my make-up tool box, always creates the perfect curl.
  • Push eyeliner brush: NARS = this brush is used to create a fine line at the base of the lashes; it transforms cream or powder eyeshadow into eyeliner. The brush is wide and thin to create precise lines, so if like me your hands are not so steady, this is fantastic as the brush does most of the work to create a flawless fine line.
  • Eyeshadow: Collection, colour; Black velvet
  • Lower lash pencil eyeliner: Rimmel, colour; white. 
(see below where to buy)

How I achieved the look..........

Step 1: Dampen the Push eyeliner brush with water, then dab into the eyeshadow. Press the brush at the base of your lashes, closest to the root as possible, until the base is covered, you may need to re-apply with the eyeshadow, until you achieve the right depth of colour.

 Step 2: Apply Mascara, then wait until lashes a fully dry.

Step 3: Heat your lash curler with a hairdryer for just a few seconds, make sure the curlers are warm and not hot ,  I normally test on my hand first to make sure the curlers are at a safe temperature, once temperature is ok, curl the lashes for around 30 seconds, then release.
Important Tip: If when you release the curlers, they become stuck to the curler, do not pull, just keep them released from the clutch and lashes will eventually release themselves

Step 4: Finish with a white pencil eyeliner, on the bottom lash, to accentuate the look!

Where I bought products used :

  • Mascara : Channel; Le Volume de Chanel (black: Noir) = Debenhams
  • Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura = Liberty department store
  • Push eyeliner brush: NARS =

  • Eyeshadow: Collection, colour; Black velvet = Superdrug
  • Lower lash pencil eyeliner: Rimmel, colour; white = Superdrug

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