Wednesday, 4 January 2017


My general make-up look hasn't much involved highlighting, so I thought I would give one of Topshop’s Glow sticks a try to see what all the fuss is about, and if they can really bring out the best of my make-up look.....

Product description says ''Light reflecting cream highlighter to sculpt, define and enhance the skin.
The twist up stick allows you to easily apply and blend the product onto the skin for an effortless glow''

Colour used: Play Up

Used on my skin which is: Fair, a little dry and clear with some uneven skin tone.

So first impressions when applying on my hand it appeared as shimmery subtle beige, which seemed very pretty and looked as if would blend well with my fair skin tone.


First of all trying this cream highlighter over my foundation did not really work for me at all! I applied after my foundation and blended from the temples downwards using a blending brush.
I found that it just highlighted bad areas that I did not even see without make-up on, such as pores in particular appeared more visible.
I then tried using the same method but underneath my foundation, which did seem to work, my skin appeared more luminous and had a lovely glow! Although if you are like me and have fair skin and use bronzing powder, which as I did after, it all seems to just cover up the highlight and then becomes lost as if it was never even used.
With this particular glow stick its either use it and lose the bronzing powder, which unless I am prepared to change my look to just enhance my natural fair skin and ditch the bronzer, then it’s just not going to work for me!

Highlight point...........

Best use I found for this product is to use as a creamy eyeshadow.
I applied on the eyelids, underneath lower lashes and brows, using my finger.
It gave a real subtle shimmery catwalk look that looked young, fresh and also took very little time to apply.
 Also quite versatile as a day or night look, or whether it is winter or summer....


Fantastic for eye make-up!
Fad for me, as a highlighter in the skin department!


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