Wednesday, 23 November 2016


This tip is great for evening out skin tone and creating a glowing, flawless base before applying your make-up in the morning. As the spray tan is mixed with your moisturiser by blending into the face with a foundation brush the spray tan is slightly diluted.  This creates a flawless natural glow, rather than a full on fake tanned face.  You should also find you do not have to wear as much make-up as usual!!

You will need;

  • -       Ambre Solaire Facial Tanning Spray (light) – this creates a subtle glow, avoiding any harsh orange complexion.
  • -         Foundation brush (I used a Real Techniques Expert face brush)
  •  - Hairdryer

Step 1: Apply your regular night time moisturiser, but try not to over-saturate.
Step 2: Spray your entire face and neck with tanning spray.
Step 3: Take your foundation brush and blend in circular motion over your face and neck, just like you would do your foundation.
Step 4: Dry for a few seconds with a hairdryer, approximately arms length away from your face (warm heat, not hot!)
Step 5: Sleep
Step 6: Wake up to a flawless, dewy glow!!


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